metabolic testing

There are 3 biological mechanisms for oxygen absorption, transport & utilization in the human body:  heart, lungs, cells.  PNOE Metabolic testing measures the absorption & utilization of oxygen which is critical for your brain and body functioning.   


What Happens During the Resting Metabolic Rate Test?

We are able to give you very valuable information by conducting the Resting Metabolic Rate Test.  During this test, you will be fitted with the PNOE mask while you sit in a chair quietly for 10 minutes.  The device will measure your oxygen inhaled, carbon dioxide exhaled, heart rate and breathing frequency.  All of this information is analyzed by our experts and you will be provided with a comprehensive metabolic analysis. 

The Resting metabolic test is recommended for those interested in:

  1. Longevity & Biological Age
  2. Cognitive Functioning
  3. Weight Loss

What happens during the Active Metabolic Rate Test?

During the active metabolic rate test, you will be asked to ride a stationary bike for 15-18  minutes while wearing a mask that measures the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide you inhale and exhale. Your heart rate and breathing will be monitored, while the exercise’s intensity is gradually increased. This helps determine your peak aerobic capacity and how your body uses oxygen during a workout. All of this information is analyzed by our experts and you will be provided with a comprehensive metabolic analysis.

The Active Metabolic Test is recommended for those interested in: 

  1. Athletic Performance
  2. Longevity & Biological Age
  3. Overall Health & Wellness


How do I prepare for the test (resting or active)?

Here are the preparation guidelines for the test (both resting and active):

  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes for the test
  • No caffine for at least 3 hours before the test
  • No food for at least 3 hour before the test
  • Please feel free to drink water 
  • No heavy exercise (intense 45+ min cardio/strength/interval workout) for 24 hours before the test; a light workout (walking, light jog, leisurely swimming etc.) the day before it just fine


Will I find out my results right away?

Our metabolic experts need time to analyze your results and personalize our recommendations.  Once you have completed testing, we will book a follow up appointment with you to review your results.  Typically, we meet with our clients within 3-5 days after testing has been completed.