Meet our inner loop!

We believe we are better providers because of our incredible partnerships.  Sometimes Loop Brain Health is the best place to begin; other times we rely on our partners to offer other brain health modalities that may ready a person for neurofeedback or offer a complimentary support.  The brain is a complicated organ and it can take a team to help a person toward better health.  We are grateful for our dedicated partners and the work that they do.  We have also improved our own health by personally working with each of these partners. 

We sat down with each of our partners and asked them the same 5 questions.  We were amazed by how much we learned and were reminded of how lucky we are to have each of them as a part of our extended team of experts. 

“The thing that most grounds me is healing….I am most alive and most myself when I am providing tools and education or connections to others in the healing profession to someone who is sick or in pain.”

“I feel like my practice is always evolving and I look forward to coming to work every day because I know it is an opportunity for me to learn something new and help people feel better at the same time….For me, the human body is endlessly fascinating.”

“When I am truly in the present moment and connected with another person, my intuition is at its best, my body feels calm and I feel completely grounded. “